A Very Warm Welcome to Workshopsforyou

We believe workshops have the power to connect people, help them to learn and create change, and inspire them to celebrate achievements.

We have created workshopsforyou to inspire mid-career professionals to embrace meaningful life and career changes. Although we all have to deal with change all the time, for mid-career professionals it can be extremely challenging due to professional, financial, family and numerous other demands. This pressure can make us feel vulnerable and powerless, and not knowing how to start going in the direction we want. The way we handle change and the stories we tell ourselves define the way we live and how happy we feel.

Our goal is to connect mid-career professionals who aspire to make changes and live more inspired lives, with mid-career professionals who have already transitioned and are walking their desired life/career path.

We are a collective of workshop leaders – all mid-career – who have experienced major life/career transitions. We have redefined ourselves and the way we live and work to embrace new inspired paths. Workshopsforyou gives us an opportunity to share our new-found passions with the world and embrace our pledge of making the world a better place one workshop at a time.

Our workshops give you a precious opportunity to take time for self-reflection, assessment and breakthroughs. They encourage you to create a positive life/work story, live an inspired life and choose an authentic path for yourself. With appropriate guidance and our customised approach, we will help you to identify your needs, feel empowered and start to focus on what is most meaningful for you. In the process you will connect with yourself and others, learn about different life enrichment topics, create change and celebrate.

If you are a mid-career professional struggling to kick-start meaningful life and career changes, come to us and be inspired by our team and the workshops we have on offer.

Workshopsforyou proudly help mid-career professionals to kick-start life and career breakthroughs one workshop at a time.

Warm inspired greetings,

The Workshopsforyou Team