“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”

Albert Einstein

Would you like to have an enthusiastic international senior career & transition coach to help you achieve your work goals? Someone with your interests and success at heart who will challenge you and help you focus on your chosen path?

A skilled career coach can help you gain awareness, overcome limiting beliefs and feel more confident. Partnering with a coach will empower you and help you make the best choices so you can achieve your dreams and fulfil your ambitions.

If you want to make impactful changes in your career, and if you have an exciting goal you are ready to work hard to achieve, we look forward to supporting you with our goal-oriented career & transition coaching. All you need is the desire to succeed! We will work as your coach and goal achievement partner to help you reach it. We will help you to reassess your priorities, focus on the things you can change, make major improvements in your career, and achieve the results you want.

We have high professional standards and adhere to the professional and ethical guidelines of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD).

We believe in people’s talents, strengths and inherent potential for success, and we pledge to support you in overcoming any challenges you face on the way to your ideal career path.

Who is it for?

  • You are a mid-career professional/working parent feeling stuck in your current role, looking to accelerate your professional growth or to find a more satisfying job.
  • You want to leave the corporate world and start your own business or creative venture.
  • You are an entrepreneur and want to take your business to the next level.
  • You are the spouse of an expatriate professional and want to reassess your own career and/or rejoin the workforce.
  • You want more alignment with your work and values, and to find a more authentic and meaningful career path.

Essential Information:

  • We use a set of specific tools to help identify your core issues and understand your true motivation.
  • We find ways to fully align your motivations with your goals.
  • We help you sharpen your goals and define effective time-bound milestones to achieve them.
  • We support you in identifying and anticipating possible challenges, and in assessing the best ways to prepare for and overcome them.
  • We encourage you along the way, hold you accountable, keep you committed, and celebrate your achievements with you.

Complementary services

Our professional expertise and unique international and multicultural experience means we can also offer complementary career-related services to enrich your coaching experience. These services are offered exclusively to clients who sign up for coaching sessions:

Personal and professional profiling

We use personal and professional assessment tools to help determine your strengths, values, personality type and behaviour style. This vital process of self-reflection gives you an in-depth understanding of yourself, which will help you to play to your strengths and identify your perfect job.

Career advice, job-hunting tips and job application support

We support you in assessing where you currently are in your career, and where you want to go next. Once you are clear about your ideal job, we will help you to find it with an effective job-hunting strategy. When you have found a job opportunity you want to pursue, we will help you put together a strong application to give you the best chance of success.

Interview skills and confidence building

We will focus on ways to improve your confidence, self-esteem and belief in your own ability, skills and experience. We will then apply this directly in mock interview settings to help make you feel more comfortable and improve your chances of securing your dream job.

Expatriate transitioning and partner adjustment support

In cases of international career changes, the cultural adjustment of both you and your partner is fundamental for the success of expatriate assignments. We will help you to understand the emotional and cultural challenges, and provide information and tips on employment opportunities and strategies for adjusting to change and making the most of your experience.


Julieta is an Associate Certified Coach, a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and Associate of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD). She has delivered over 150 hours of one-on-one career coaching and personal development workshop sessions (both face to face and online) to clients all over the world including the Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia and Portugal.

She is very driven, and is always motivated to identify problems and find solutions. When you work together she will support you thoroughly, and continually both challenge and empower you.

Julieta embraces coaching with a clear vision: to help her clients (particularly women) to find alignment, achieve their goals and pursue meaningful career paths. She uses her work to inspire, motivate and bring value into people’s lives.

She delivers workshops, events and coaching sessions to bring positive life changes to her clients and audience.

When she isn’t working, Julieta enjoys quality time with her husband and daughter, travels the world, runs half marathons, attends personal development workshops for her own growth, and explores her creativity. You can read her full profile here.

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Q. I am not yet clear about my goal – can I still sign up for career coaching?

We recommend that you spend some time reflecting on what you want to accomplish in your career. Our 2-hour one-on-one Fulfilment Journey Workshop can be a good starting point to help you gain clarity and define your goals: click here to learn more.

You will benefit the most from Goal-oriented Career Coaching when you have clarity about what you want to achieve, or if you are torn between a few specific options.

Q. Can I get support with achieving some personal goals before focusing on career goals?

If you have a free consultation session and Julieta thinks that you are not quite ready to work on your career goals and will benefit from the support of other specialist professionals first, she will advise you on this. This may include working with a life coach or counsellor to get you to a position of strength, from which you can then start focusing on your career.

Q. What happens if I try the consultation session and realize that Julieta is not the right coach for me?

The free consultation session is set up for this purpose: to allow you and Julieta to see if there is good rapport between you, and if you both think you could work effectively together as coach and coachee. If there are any doubts, there is no obligation to sign up for any coaching sessions.

Q. If the consultation session goes well and I want to work with Julieta, what happens next and how long does the coaching last?

That’s very exciting – we will look forward to working with you! We will tailor a programme specific to your needs. Coaching sessions generally run from 45 mins to 1 hour, weekly or biweekly depending on your goals and needs. Sessions can be held anywhere, either by Skype or telephone.Coaching programmes are generally most successful in blocks of 7–10 sessions.