Darina Veen-Kaššová

Darina Veen graduated in Building Physics at the Slovak University of Technology and complemented her knowledge of how to create healthy interiors with a certificate in Feng Shui from the Chinese Academy Qing Bai. She has her own business, Feng Shui Interior Design, which she runs successfully in The Netherlands.

Darina loves to help clients develop greater awareness of the spaces and surroundings they live in. She encourages you to feel and explore, and experiment with colors, materials, placement and light.

Feng Shui fascinates her because it describes the very important concept and principle that everything around us is energy (Chi), that universal force, that invisible flow of energy that circulates around the earth, in us, around us, and in our homes.

Darina gained practical experience for many years as a project manager and consultant working for various companies, including the dynamic business environment of the World Trade Centre in Amsterdam. She has helped many private clients with her invaluable advises on how to achieve more supporting, uplifting and nourishing environment, both at home and in the work space. Read more on her website: https://www.feng-shui-design.nl/en/