Daring to Change Your Career, Daring to Face Your Fears

“Your life does not get better by chance; it gets better by change.” – Jim Rohn

Are you doing a job you love? If you aren’t, I know exactly why!

It’s not because you aren’t worthy of your dream job. It’s not because you will fail at it. It’s not because you aren’t skilled – because you can learn new skills. Could it be because you haven’t stopped and made a plan to pursue it? Maybe. Or perhaps because you have been procrastinating and leaving your plan for tomorrow? Or is it because you think that it will not be possible to earn enough money exploring your passion? These are also valid possibilities. Nonetheless, the number one reason stopping everyone in the world from pursuing their dreams is …

F E A R! Fear! In all forms and shapes. It could be fear of failure, fear of success, fear of loss, fear of embarrassment, fear of the unknown, fear of struggle, fear of regret, fear of change, fear of starting something new, fear of disappointment, fear of not being good enough, fear of not being deserving, fear of being unworthy of success. The list goes on and on and on … Read the list and make an honest assessment. What is the biggest fear that is stopping you from pursuing the career of your dreams?

And most importantly, how can you tackle this fear? Here’s a simple list with a few options.

#01 MAKE A LIST OF YOUR FEARS and all the challenges that you will face when you embrace a change – going for a new job, venturing into that business, starting to plan – and make a list of actions you can take to tackle each fear and potential challenge you envision.

#02 CHANGE THE STORY YOU TELL YOURSELF about fears embrace it. Create a positive mantra to counter the fears you are experiencing, such as: “This job is outside my comfort zone but it will allow me to grow tremendously and achieve my dreams.”

#03 MAKE A LIST OF POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS and repeat them, embrace them. Feel the positive emotions.

#04 SHARE YOUR FEARS with a supporting friend or family member, and ask them to be your fear accountability partner to support you and encourage you when you feel overwhelmed.

#05 WORK WITH EXPERTS to support you during your transition journey. Formal or informal professional mentors or coaches can really make you feel empowered.

#06 IDENTIFY THE GAP YOUR FEAR IS POINTING TO. Fear often points to a lack of confidence that is triggered because we need certain skills or to improve in a certain area. Do you need to study more? Do you need to speak to someone to balance that gap? Take action.

#07 WORK WITH A PROFESSIONAL THERAPIST. If none of the above work for you, and you feel paralysed for a long time without seeing the results you know you are capable of achieving, consider working with a professional therapist to work on your subconscious fears. The fears you are not fully aware of yet may be the reason for that lack of action in the direction of your dreams. Working with a professional therapist – like an hypnotherapist or healer, to name just two – can get down to the root cause of these issues and trigger immediate results.

#08 DO A SIMPLE VISUALIZATION EXERCISE. What will happen two years from now if you don’t take any action? What about five years from now? Or ten years from now? Embrace the emotions you feel. Will you be able to forgive yourself for not taking action when you had the chance?

How have I discovered all this advice? Because during my personal journey from employee to entrepreneur, career and transition coach and speaker, I often found that I was unconsciously sabotaging myself because of my own fears. From where I am now, these early fears seem quite ridiculous. But at the time, in order to make the huge meaningful change I wanted, I knew I had to find the courage to face these fears. Take action. Experiment with all – yes, ALL – of the above.

Whatever fear you are experiencing, know that you are a deserving human being. So face your fears and take action towards Daring to Change Your Career. Your dreams await you.

Julieta Timane