Hizell Regalado

Hizell’s mission is to enhance our well being by igniting the creative spark to innovate from a place of authenticity.

After growing her career in a big multinational corporation where she was known for her critical thinking. She felt stuck in this pattern of thinking and took the shift. Since then, she has dedicated herself to investigate how to adopt different ways of thinking to become our most creative self. Creativity is a mindset and a way of living, is approaching every situation and challenges with beginners eyes, is having that playful feeling of excitement to try new things that allows people to experience life with wonder. 

She trains people on creative thinking tools and mindset by explaining how our brains function and how to hack it in our daily lives. Hizell enjoys supporting others in the journey of discovering who they are and to facilitate the process of finding creative solutions for people and businesses. Her workshops are known for creating a good vibes experience, she brings joy and designs interactive sessions for people to learn by experiencing the subject. She combines different techniques for building mental muscles and body awareness that are beneficial in the creation process.

Raised in Venezuela and daughter of an Aruban mother. She has lived in Venezuela, Canada, Aruba, Spain and the Netherlands, where she is currently based.


"Hizell is accessible, positive and get you at ease. Thanks for guiding us."

Adis Sophie
New business developer, Innovation Driven
French, based in the Netherlands
Workshop Client

"A great way of using creative tools, social interaction and theory to get in touch with yourself."

Stephanie J.
Food & Beverage Manager, Foodielicious
Aruban, based in the Netherlands
Online Program Client

"If you are looking for inspiration, improving your creative mindset, more insight into yourself your goals, and how you can reach them, I can highly recommend this program. The sessions are fun, practical, and very helpful, and the teacher is just great. Clear explanations, valuable exercises, personalized assignments, and feedback and keeping you on track of your goal. Be prepared to activate the kid in you!"

Anke H.
PR Strategist, Explorer Heart
Online Program Client

"I rediscovered and reconnected to the creativity and with the dreams that I had earlier in my life. I raised a lot of self-awareness about how I behave towards my comfort zone and towards uncertainty."

Elsa D.
Social Media Project Manager, Celebration Organizer
Portuguese, based in Switzerland
Online Program Client

"I enjoyed this course right from the start. It helped me learn some creative thinking tools which I can apply in my personal and professional life. It was a great pleasure to be guided by Hizell. She is truly passionate about this topic and helping others. I highly recommended if you want to learn about creativity and its techniques."

Mariola B.
Director of Business Development / Expansion Thinker
Polish based in the Netherlands
Coaching Client

"This has been a great experience. Hizell guided me through many aspects of myself that I had never analysed before. These sessions are fun and very entertaining, so time flies! I highly recommend creative thinking to anyone (either your mind is clear or if you are looking to change something in your life) since there's no doubt about the benefits coming from these sessions with Hizell."

Attila B.
Country Sales Manager / People Connector
Italian based in the Netherlands
Coaching Client

"Hizell is a Guru in a normal human form…I guess all Gurus are… we all are…in some way. She will make you do uncomfortable things but also help you and you; ll have a lot of fun. I still have fun and laughs when I look back what came out of me as a creative creator 🙂 AHA! and WOW! moments are inevitable - they change you in that second. She could have told me right away who am I, why am I… instead she was digging with me, finding what Is my core to start building everything in my life, what are the pillars that define me, and it’s a fun process life, it’s a journey that changes and will always change, you just learn to enjoy the ride."

Nikola D.
Hardware Engineer / Musician by Heart & Soul
Macedonian based in the Netherlands
Coaching Client

"Thanks for moderating our session 4 at share +Mastermind, it was a pleasure to have you as our Expert. An interesting perspective to bring creative thinking and drawing into a business environment. I felt like it brought lightness and child spirit. Creative thinking and share + values are very similar; bring new perspectives, think in new ways. I look forward to working with us a new format;"

Adis Sophie
French, based in the Netherlands
Founder of Share+
Business Workshop Client