Julieta Timane

Julieta Timane, MSc, Assoc CIPD HR Development, ICF Certified, Senior Career and Transition Coach.

Julieta Timane is passionate about inspiring and empowering mid-career professionals to embrace their desired career changes. She loves connecting with people, establishing win-win synergies and enabling others to undertake meaningful work and create an impact.

Julieta is the founder of Workshopsforyou, which together with other business owners delivers bespoke workshops to help people embrace change, one workshop at a time. Julieta also works with a variety of companies (CareerFoundry, IMPACT Group LLC, Noesis Academy Pty Ltd) to provide career and transition coaching and coaching and mentoring lectures.

Julieta is action- and goal-driven and possesses strong communication skills. She often delivers talks to international audiences on life and career advancement topics. She is highly culturally aware and sensitive. Having lived and worked in Italy, Switzerland, the UK, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan, she possesses a deep understanding of Asian and European cultures and working practices. She believes in collaborations and thrives on working in multi-ethnic and multicultural environments.


"Julieta is a very competent professional who shows her great expertise with the work that she does. She guided me in several aspects of my country transition and I certainly feel much more prepared and confident to face new challenges. I feel happy and grateful to have worked with someone as kind as Julieta and to have had her support during my transition journey."

Angela, S. - Brazilian based in Spain
Coaching Client

"Julieta my coach was warm and professional. She really understood my needs and was an excellent listener. I felt we were able to discuss very openly my concerns and challenges in the first few months of the expatriation in Singapore. She gave me insightful tips not only about preparing to reenter the workforce but about everyday life and how to create a balance between work, social life and family life. I really enjoyed the process and was happy to have been given the opportunity to undergo the process. Julieta went out of her way to research avenues, send me messages with contact numbers and emailed me many useful resources. I highly recommend her as a coach! Thank you"

Nicole, L - Australian Based in Singapore
Coaching Client

"Very professional and very focused on my customized needs. Julieta was remarkable in assisting me and my family in the transition (from the US to Singapore). And, she helped me find and take the right job for me with the right story to tell now and into the future as my career continues to evolve. A great pleasure working with her!"

Shaun S. - American based in Singapore
Coaching Client

"A turning point in my life. Working with Julieta and using her methodology, tools and expertise I learnt to define my own goals and to decide what the most important things are for me. I realized what makes me feel happy and what else I can do to improve as a person, partner, relative and employee. I will be forever grateful."

David M, 39. Spaniard - Living in the Netherlands
Coaching Client

"I had the privilege of working with Coach Julieta on my goal to explore career opportunities in the non-profit sector and to help me make sense of the myriad of cognitive and emotional dissonance associated with life transitions.
After more than 30 years of employment in multinational corporations, and having spent the last twenty years as an expatriate living overseas, I faced the unprecedented challenges of a mid-career change, lifestyle transitions and adapting back to the local way of life.
Coach Julieta was exemplary in creating a safe space for me to reflect on my limiting beliefs and challenge my assumptions.What she does exceptionally well is active listening and crystallizing what was unsaid into conscious thoughts. A case in point is an inner conflict I had and brought up during one of our session.I was resistant to the idea of charging clients for life coaching while at the same time I do not want to de-value coaching by offering pro-bono life coaching. Through powerful questioning, Coach Julieta enabled the revelation that my resistance to levy a fee on life coaching originated from over-generalizing the difficulty of a disadvantaged group (whose cause I was passionate in) to pay for coaching support.Coach Julieta was able to raise awareness of my unconscious bias and brought it to a conscious level, which is useful for a more comprehensive evaluation and an objective resolution.
Coach Julieta extended support to me for the follow up of agreed action, beyond what is expected of a coach.She will constantly send possible sources of information and past research relating to the subject matter. She even made a referral to the founder of a non-profit organization - to support me in gaining hands on knowledge on how a charitable organization operates.To this day, I am still a volunteer in the said charity.
Over the period of our coaching engagement, Coach Julieta has enabled me to gain deeper awareness of my emotional drive, challenge my cognitive bias and embrace different perspectives.As a result, I was able to achieve the goals of my coaching engagement in a mindful, positive and enjoyable way that makes the most sense to me."

Mr. C. Keong - Singaporean - Based in Singapore
Coaching Client

"Sometimes you just need a kind person who can help you to understand yourself a little bit more. That is how I came to meet Julieta and how I started this journey some time ago. She will take you back through the years and will hold a mirror up in front of you. You have to take time for yourself, get to know who you really are and look for those things that make you happy.
Then, the challenge begins! Clear your mind, find out what you really like to do and go for it. But not tomorrow, or next year, or hopefully one day … No! That journey starts today, with you, with a few humble, small steps you can take every day. Reflect, and recognize your achievements and always seek feedback. Creating this virtuous circle will help you to learn from yourself every day and, at the end of the day, to be the best you.
All this, with such a great person as Julieta to guide you, has been an incredible journey. Would you dare to go on this journey too?"

Ignacio B.B. – Argentinean living in the Netherland
Coaching Client

"Julieta started Coaching me at a time when I truly needed her guidance.I was feeling quite ‘stuck’ and confused about my career path and what lay ahead.I was also suffering from anxiety on how to make things work as a single mum.Julieta took me from a place of confusion to a position of extreme clarity and purpose.She gently guided me, asking poignant questions and helping me discover answers myself.As a result of her coaching, I created ‘writing time’ and managed to achieve a life-long dream of completing my first draft for a book.I also managed to bring back fitness and balance into my life.Whilst my journey continues, I can see the complete value of working with a Coach, and Julieta’s thoughtful and measured approach really does get the best out of you.I highly recommend her support for anyone wanting to gain clarity and take action."

Dee Allan, British, Managing Director, Living in Singapore
Coaching Client

"I have known Julieta as a friend for many years. Recently I went through the application process for a new job, and asked her for advice on how to approach a challenging interview. Julieta was so kind to set up a coaching session with me, to go through and help me organizing my thoughts in preparation for the interview. Despite the fact that we know each other at a personal level, she showed extreme professionalism and a wealth of experience in the topic, being an open, friendly and powerful guide for me in the process of analyzing and verbalizing my strengths, personal challenges, hopes and fears in relation to the new position. The session was extremely valuable for me not only in relation to the interview preparation but also as a personal reflection. The session was extremely valuable for me as a personal reflection and for preparing myself for the interview, after which I did get the job!"

Marta L. Mira - Spanish based in the Netherlands
Career Coaching Experience