Marie-Liesse Calméjane

After having spent 17 years in corporate life and experienced the power of effective coaching, Marie-Liesse decided to focus on helping people navigate in their corporate environments, in order to unleash their potential while fulfilling deeper aspirations.

As a certified Integral Coach, she helps clients through one-to-one coaching programs during crucial moments in their lives. This can only happen when people are truly seen and start to make choices according to who they deeply are. It also implies accepting that there are certain drivers in our lives that are beyond our control.As stated by Epictetus: “We cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose how we respond to them”.

Also a Keynote speaker and a senior consultant at the Resilience Institute, her facilitation style is full of positive energy and she can sparkle engagement and connection with participants so they can embrace resilience and joy in ways that are actionable and sustainable. She is trained in various psycho-metric tools including Emergenetics and Harrison Assessment, as well as the approach of Appreciative Inquiry.

Raised in France, she started her career and family in Paris before moving to Hong-Kong and then Singapore, where she continues to work and raise her 4 boys who have become, in their own way her little personal coaches!


"I would love to continue!! I feel like these first 5 sessions opened a door for me and I feel like there is more I could learn and experience. I learned so much from this group and it reassured me that I'm not alone in this quest to be the best version of myself."

teacher and a mom of 2, lives in Doha

"It is very easy to follow and down to earth."

healer and mom of 3, lives in Singapore

"It is a very valuable gift for oneself. A privileged moment."

Founder and mom of 3, lives in Singapore

"A good opportunity to take time to reflect and pause."

artist, lives in France

"A lot has changed thanks to this coaching program. I feel I have been trying to fit in a box and it’s about time I deploy my wings. I clearly believe I avoided a burn out. I am now going towards a job out as this is a risk I can take and believe this is the best thing I can do to myself. Marie-Liesse helped me to improve my self-confidence and I realize how much a simple change of perspective opened up some new possibilities."

EU sales team leader

"Trust is essential in such a process and Marie-Liesse succeeded in creating just the right atmosphere to make things easy and efficient. She provided me with great tools which have been real eye openers for me."

International Sales Director

"I hired Marie-Liesse to help me transition to a C-level and ExCo position within my company. Marie-Liesse helped me increase my awareness of all the soft skill components of the job. We worked on segregating emotions from facts and managing both. This has been a priceless experience to me. I recommend Marie-Liesse because I meet people everyday and most of them could definitely use her skills. Her knowledge of the corporate world is sharp and her ability to adapt to her client personality is second to none. For me it was a wonderful journey, at the end of which I am stronger, more confident and most importantly happier. "

Chief Cargo Officer