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Better together the day after!

How to get back to work as a team, leveraging on what we learnt from these very challenging past months? A live experience of the Appreciative Inquiry’s approach.

The Covid-19 context has increased the sensation of being in a VUCA world: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity. Somehow, we all managed to go through this weird time, sometimes thinking to ourselves: “Am I really living this?”

One of our greatest learning is that we all belong to a community, a system that maintain our need of social relationship, even remotely. At that point, the question is: what do we want to keep from the crisis? What did we learn about our hidden resources?

How to appreciate the best of what is?

During our session, we will experiment the “Discovery” phase, and have an introduction to the “Dream” phase (the creative part) which will enable you to experiment the positive power of this collaborative tool.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Reconnect with what was good and should be preserved after circuit breaker
    Share with peers and discover what you have in common
  • Create together a vision of your ideal team engagement
  • Get out with your own milestones and commitment plan
  • Understand why Appreciative Inquiry* is so powerful

* What is Appreciative Inquiry?

The Appreciative Inquiry is a method of developing organizations and teams, which began in the late 80s in the US, seeking resources, successes, positive experiences in everyone, in the company and its environment. It rests first and foremost on the art of asking unconditionally positive questions. By focusing on the positive energy, it is possible to identify the success factors and thus avoid any form of diagnosis, criticism or negative point of view.

This approach, favouring the emergence of collective intelligence, is composed of 5 different phases called 5D’s: DEFINE DISCOVER DREAM DESIGN DEPLOY.

Who is it for?

  • Team leaders, entrepreneurs, HR managers

Essential Information

Duration: 3 hrs Workshop
Location: live, online instructor led workshop
Time: will be agreed on later (once payment has been received)
Includes: Guided Interview by pair, sub-group debrief, creative exercise
Maximum number people: 12
Workshop delivered by: Marie-Liesse Calmejane
Prerequisites: Positive growth mindset, team management