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Career & Life Purpose Workshop

Everyone needs a direction and purpose in life, a call to action. Sometimes we become distracted by the clutter of our mind and the noise of the world. In our efforts for personal growth we overlook the importance of our living space.

Everything that surrounds you in your space, your images, colours, how you position yourself, influences your subconscious mind.

Are you looking to:

  • Find a job;
  • Change careers;
  • Improve your working conditions;
  • Get more clarity on your life direction;
  • Feel fulfilment and enjoyment in life;

This workshop will let you discover how the energy of your living space influences your thoughts, actions, feelings, and ultimately your living experience.

According to the principles of Feng Shui every area of your home is connected to a specific aspect of your life, and as such can be improved and strengthened.

We will learn how to overcome a block or stagnation of the energy flow in the physical space around you. We will acquire skills in how to achieve more supporting, uplifting and nourishing environment, both at home and in your work space.

The Career & Life Journey area relates to your work and life direction. The energy flow of this area of your home – the condition of it, and the way it is arranged, has an impact on your job satisfaction and the feeling of whether or not you are on the right path in your life.

If this zone is messy and cluttered, you might feel overworked and not find work easy. If this area is empty, cold and sterile, your job might be not satisfying and you may feel that your life lacks direction.

Once you determine where this area is in your home, it makes sense to improve the energy flow there. We will do this together during the workshop!

You will get practical advice and clear steps to follow on how to improve the energy of your house in order to achieve balance, improve your life, feel gratitude, welcome new opportunities and embrace life more fully. Upon making changes in your home, you will experience direct changes in your life.

It gets exciting:

There are two other important areas in your home to look at in Feng Shui when improving your work satisfaction:

1 Wealth & Blessings Area – This area relates to your financial well-being, money and sense of being fortunate. We’ll learn how to improve the energy flow of this area of your home so you can increase your income, earn and save more money, increase your capacity to receive and improve your self-esteem.

2 Fame & Reputation area – This area relates to your reputation and how you are perceived by others. We’ll learn how to improve the energy flow of this area, so it helps you feel more appreciated, respected and get recognition for what you do.

Do you want to find more enjoyment, fulfilment, gain more clarity and feel your purpose in life again?

Then this workshop is for you!

I will guide you through important steps to follow to make simple yet beautiful changes in your home and your life.

Essential Information

Date: Saturday 13 June 2020
Location: WORKSHOPS for YOU, Benoordenhoutseweg 21-23, Den Haag
Time: 14.30 – 17.30
Workshop delivered by: Darina Veen
What to bring: the floor plan of your house and photo’s