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Goal Achievement Partner

Private One-On-One Goal Achievement Partner Program

The ‘Private One-On-One Goal Achievement Partner Program’ is ideal for ambitious individuals who want to commit to their personal and professional goals.

Do you have a meaningful goal that you would like to achieve? Would you like to have the professional support to work specifically and intensively towards that goal? Do you have a sense of urgency?

If so, then the ‘Private One-On-One Goal Achievement Partner Program’ is for you. During a period of eight weeks, you will collaborate with your goal achievement partner to help you work towards a personal specific meaningful goal. Your goal achievement partner is an ICF Certified Coach, and will introduce you to highly effective tools and resources, and give you invaluable tailored support to help you overcome challenges and reach your goal.

To participate you must have:

  • An exciting goal and a commitment to yourself.
  • A sense of urgency and a need for a personal or career change.
  • A desire to make THIS the most exciting year of your life and career.
  • A willingness to step outside your comfort zone.

By the end of this programme you will:

  • Have embarked on a strategic goal achievement journey, pursuing your goals with purpose and clear milestones.
  • Feel extremely supported and confident that you can reach your goal.
  • Have the support of an unbiased accountability/goal achievement partner to overcome challenges
  • Achieve goals and personal breakthroughs.
  • One weekly call and unlimited email access to your goal achievement partner during the duration of the program.