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Vision and Goals Workshop

The Vision and Goals Workshop is a live, online, real-time, instructor-led workshop that you can attend from the comfort of your home or office. This workshop helps increase your sense of clarity and control over your life and empower you to commit and implement immediate changes.

The Vision and Goals Workshop is a practical workshop which uses the Wheel of Life powerful tools for visualizing the most important areas of your life, assess how satisfied you are in each area and commit to meaningful improvements.

This is an exciting hands-on goal setting workshop and it highlights the benefits of defining a clear personal vision and setting meaningful goals to attain it. It provides advice on how to take effective action, set time-bound milestones and tricks for staying on track, including the importance of celebrating every achievement.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone wanting to get clarity, perspective and a customized life assessment
  • Anyone who wants to put a plan in action to pursue a desired goal (identify milestones, timelines, potential obstacles as well as opportunities).

Essential Information

Duration: 90 Minutes
Location: live, online instructor led workshop
Time: will be agreed on a case by case basis (once payment has been received)
Includes: Guided reflective writing exercises, topic related mini-resources toolkit.
Maximum number people: One-on-one Workshop
Workshop delivered by: Julieta Timane
Prerequisites: Willingness to Implement changes
Session options

Group Session, Private One-on-One Online