At Workshopsforyou we want to make a positive impact through the work we do with our clients, the collaborations we establish with our partners, and the contributions we make to organisations that bring benefits to wider communities around the world.

Workshopsforgood reflects our focus and commitment to donate part of our profits to make a positive impact in the lives of disadvantaged women and young people through educational projects and career advancement opportunities; we also help our environment by supporting sustainability projects. So by attending our workshops you are also indirectly contributing to a wider cause. 

This year we are partnering with Young Africa to provide employment to a group of youths from Mozambique. 

“Young Africa (  offers an innovative, high impact solution to youth unemployment. They invest in youth through integrated skills training for employability and entrepreneurship. Until now Young Africa has trained up to 40,000 youths and is determined to empower many more across southern Africa.”  

With your support, Workshopsforyou and Workshopsforgood help to make the world a better place, one workshop at a time.